Uncategorized Market Condition As with all things business, the pendulum is shifting in the real estate market. The last four years for me achieving the top 10% of Coldwell Banker agents was very busy to say the least.  Having worked the market daily I am well aware of its activity, past and present.  The market is now in […]
Uncategorized Helping advice I was able to share some good advice with a young couple last week.  I was called because they wanted to sell their small house and move to a larger one to start a family. After assessing the darling little home and property, my market analysis showed it could be listed between $239,900 and $249,900.  […]
Uncategorized You have the Advantage After working at listing and selling real estate for over 22 years in two very different time frames, I believe I am confident enough to say I am aware the most buyers become active around the 3-4th week in February.  Armed with that knowledge, I encourage you to get your property on the market just […]
Uncategorized 2023 is here. Are you where you need to live? Welcome to 2023 and the new real estate market! You might ask, “How is it a new market”? Well, the only way it is new is in that the media is telling you it is. It is still a very tight market for listings and the buyers have now wrapped their heads around the fact […]
Uncategorized Housing for seniors http://(https://www.seniorhousingnet.com/seniors/senior-living-
Uncategorized Discovering Dementia http://https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2022/10/11/1102436118/on-dementia-tiktok-family-caregivers-find-support-and-bring-the-disease-to-light?_cldee=RgSVxb91Mb9Y_ndxasyYIGx6Ug9zyyl6wXnaS9QYCQR44nahd9OISR742kKlXBOF&recipientid=contact-fcbad21518fc44129d59c3b4af048c9d-6b00305a10bd424e9691aa356ffa19b9&esid=bd8f3b3f-494e-ed11-9c6b-00155d234439
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