Selling/Buying October 12, 2022

Are you sensing the difference?

If today, 10/12/22, you are sensing that the market is shifting you’re absolutely correct.

The scalding hot sellers market is cooling.  Does this mean that you should not list your home? Certainly not. It means that you may not get as many multiple offers, and the price offered may not be as high as it would have been over list, and it may tale longer than 4 hours to get an offer, but your property Will sell.

If you are looking to buy the best news is that you should have longer than 2 hours to make a decision about submitting as offer as before in the scalding hot sellers market.

I am the agent who has experienced both a sellers and a buyers market and as your list agent or buyers agent I will be able to service you with experience.  Remember there is no better time to sell or buy than the present – the present is all we have. Jan 717-319-9271