Uncategorized Helping advice I was able to share some good advice with a young couple last week.  I was called because they wanted to sell their small house and move to a larger one to start a family. After assessing the darling little home and property, my market analysis showed it could be listed between $239,900 and $249,900.  […]
Uncategorized You have the Advantage After working at listing and selling real estate for over 22 years in two very different time frames, I believe I am confident enough to say I am aware the most buyers become active around the 3-4th week in February.  Armed with that knowledge, I encourage you to get your property on the market just […]
Uncategorized 2023 is here. Are you where you need to live? Welcome to 2023 and the new real estate market! You might ask, “How is it a new market”? Well, the only way it is new is in that the media is telling you it is. It is still a very tight market for listings and the buyers have now wrapped their heads around the fact […]
Uncategorized Housing for seniors http://(https://www.seniorhousingnet.com/seniors/senior-living-
Uncategorized Discovering Dementia http://https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2022/10/11/1102436118/on-dementia-tiktok-family-caregivers-find-support-and-bring-the-disease-to-light?_cldee=RgSVxb91Mb9Y_ndxasyYIGx6Ug9zyyl6wXnaS9QYCQR44nahd9OISR742kKlXBOF&recipientid=contact-fcbad21518fc44129d59c3b4af048c9d-6b00305a10bd424e9691aa356ffa19b9&esid=bd8f3b3f-494e-ed11-9c6b-00155d234439
Selling/Buying Are you sensing the difference? If today, 10/12/22, you are sensing that the market is shifting you’re absolutely correct. The scalding hot sellers market is cooling.  Does this mean that you should not list your home? Certainly not. It means that you may not get as many multiple offers, and the price offered may not be as high as it […]
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